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5 stars. Swinging like a Bolshevik Marlene Dietrich, Zulya and the Children of the Underground are able to strike a deft balance between melancholic sadness and the unbridled joy that is never too far away
— Seth Jordan - Songlines, UK
Stylish Russian singing backed by Antipodean brilliance. What strikes you immediately is not just the confident purity of Zulya’s voice, but the quality of the writing and arranging.
— J. Walton - Songlines, UK
a sort of chamber music... that feels like it could grind the planet to a halt with sheer force of beauty.
— Wayne Davidson - Inpress
Her musicians, most of which come from Australia, showed astonishing empathy for the composition…Zulya’s highly emotional voice is beyond comparison.
— Klaus Halama - Sight and Sound, Germany
Like the bitterness underpinning the sweetness of dark chocolate.
— Liam Casey - The Drum
Her band is exquisite.. but it’s [Zulya’s] rich, emotive vocals that shine. Her shimmering high register and swooping pitch-perfect lower range flutters and skips from to song to song with ease...It’s an incredibly sophisticated and brilliant instrument.
— Dan Rule - The Age
It seems the Children Of The Underground have been playing together for decades, so well do they mesh, so aware of each other and so committed to the song that it seems a miracle of fate that they should have wound up on a stage together.
— Andy Hazel - Interviews and Gig Reviews
Zulya’s seductive voice sends the hairs on the back of your neck tingling to life, and the effect then spreads out into more sweeping paroxysms of delight.
— John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald
Wonderful music for pondering: emotive and that literally caries you away.
— Artshub
Zulya is one of the most important contributors to the overall pattern of contemporary Australian music in this society.
— Felix Hayman - ABC